Mama's Gone Goodbye

Mama's Gone GoodbyeMama’s Gone Goodbye was recorded live in concert at the First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis, Oregon on February 6, 2000. This recording features tight arrangements and a delightful vocal work by Marilyn and Alan.

The musicians on this recording are as follows:

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Liner Notes

The original liner notes read as follows:

Mama's Gone Goodbye

Often I am struck by how laborious our band rehearsals are. It doesn’t matter if we work on old or new arrangements, charts scored note-for-note, or head tunes. ?Lighting a fire? in my living room is difficult.

But what a dramatic change occurs when we walk out on stage before a live audience. Perhaps it’s that dose of adrenaline kicking in that gets things going. Whatever the case, once the audience starts responding to our music, the magic between us propels our performance.

Sometimes West Coast festival fans get pretty loud. Generally their response helps us determine if they like what they’re hearing. But it takes more than aural stimulation to connect performers and audience. A couple of years ago, we played a great little festival in Missouri. The rooms were large and crowded, the audiences generally quiet and attentive. We weren’t used to the silence, and this made for a nerve-wracking first set. But soon, we felt the connection between us and our Mid-Western listeners just as we feel the raucous enthusiasm of their West Coast counterparts. Once we established that connection, the rhythm started to groove, the solos got hotter and the ensembles tighter.

I cherish this part of the performance experience: connecting with our audience. I enjoy the spark that prompts a spry 90-year-old lady to lead the parade with her parasol; that lights up the eyes of a young Missouri fan sitting on his hands; that gets dancers so excited that clothing alone can’t contain them; that causes our Eugene friend to shout, ?Oh, Play That Thing!? at the top of his lungs when we play his favorite song; that gets dancers so excited that clothing alone can’t contain them; or. They don’t receive formal credit in our liner notes. But they are essential elements in making our live performances work. We hope you enjoy this recording during the times we can’t be with you in person. Thanks for being a part of our musical lives.

Kit Johnson
August 2000


  1. Choo Choo Train. Beasley. Arr., Steve Matthes. Vocal, Marilyn Keller...[4’11”]
  2. St. James’ Infirmary. Primrose.
    Arr., Black Swan. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [4’00”]
  3. The Walking Frog. King. Arr., Steve Matthes... [4’04”]
  4. Rockin’ Chair. Carmichael. Arr., Kit Johnson. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [4’35”]
  5. What a Little Moonlight Can Do. Woods.
    Arr., Kit Johnson. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [4’41”]
  6. Pastime Rag #5. Matthews. Arr., John Bennett... [3’06”]
  7. Dans Les Rue D’Antibes. Bechet. Arr., Steve Matthes... [5’29”]
  8. Dirt Dishin’ Daisy. Herscher & Klein.
    Arr., Lou Halmy. Vocal, Alan Phillips... [4’03”]
  9. Castle House Rag. Europe. Arr., John Bennett... [3’32”]
  10. Kansas City Man Blues. Williams & Johnson.
    Arr., Kit Johnson. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [6’00”]
  11. Tin Pan Alley Medley. (42nd Street, Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Everybody Loves My Baby). Arr., John Bennett. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [4’33”]
  12. Dead Man Blues. Morton & Stitzel. Arr., Kit Johnson... [4’06”]
  13. Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do. Grainger & Robins.
    Arr., Kit Johnson. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [3’56”]
  14. Mama’s Gone Goodbye. Bocage & Piron.
    Arr., Kit Johnson. Vocal, Marilyn Keller... [3’48”]

    TOTAL TIME: ... [60’02”]