Arrangement Collections

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10-Song Collections of Arrangements

RAGTIME COLLECTION VOLUME I - Black Swan's first ragtime collection includes these favorites:

  • Castle House Rag; Chevy Chase;
  • Creole Belle(s);
  • Cum Bac Rag;
  • Junk Man Rag;
  • Ragtime Dance ( Joplin );
  • Ragtime Nightmare;
  • Solace;
  • Sweetmeats & Wild Cherries

RAGTIME COLLECTION VOLUME II - Our second ragtime collection consists of:

  • At a Georgia Camp Meeting; Barnyard Rag;
  • Bethena;
  • Bohemia Rag;
  • Breeze from Alabama;
  • Levee Revels;
  • Mississippi Rag;
  • Red Rose Rag;
  • St. Louis Rag &
  • Stoptime Rag

GOSPEL COLLECTION VOLUME I - Black Swan has performed multi-denominational Dixieland Gospel services at dozens of events and is frequently asked to do so because of Marilyn Keller's extraordinary vocals and our unique gospel arrangements. This collection contains:

  • Amazing Grace; Amen;
  • Angel Gabriel;
  • By and By (We'll Understand it Better);
  • Down by the Riverside;
  • In the Sweet By and By;
  • Joshua Meets the Stranger Medley;
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot;
  • When the Roll is Called Up Yonder &
  • When the Saints Go Marching in

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HOT JAZZ COLLECTION VOLUME I - Our Hot Jazz Collections consist of songs from the 19teens and early 1920s. Our first volume includes the following classics:

  • Eccentric;
  • Frog-i-more Rag;
  • High Society;
  • Jelly Roll Blues (The Original);
  • Ory's Creole Trombone;
  • Ragtime Dance (Kerry Mills);
  • Storyville Blues;
  • That Da-Da Strain;
  • That's a Plenty &
  • The Walking Frog

HOT JAZZ COLLECTION VOLUME II - Our second volume in the Hot Jazz series gets you stomping to:

  • Clarinet Marmalade;
  • Fidgety Feet;
  • Jazz Me Blues;
  • King Chanticleer;
  • Original Dixieland One-Step;
  • Pearls;
  • Royal Garden Blues;
  • Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble;
  • Tiger Rag &
  • Weary Blues

SONGBOOK COLLECTION VOLUME I - Black Swan is blessed with several excellent vocalists, including Marilyn Keller and Alan Phillips. We've arranged a number of great charts to highlight their abilities. Our first Songbook collection includes selections arranged for a vocalist with an upper range to roughly a high Bb (many female vocalists, including Marilyn, fit this range and the vocal parts tend to be about a fourth higher than the original keys). Selections include:

  • Alexander's Ragtime Band;
  • Ballin' the Jack;
  • Cakewalking Babies from Home;
  • Dallas Blues;
  • Farewell to Storyville;
  • How You Gonna Keep 'em?;
  • My Honey's Lovin' Arms;
  • Squeeze Me;
  • 't Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do & When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam'

SONGBOOK COLLECTION VOLUME II - Our second Songbook collection provides Dixieland arrangements featuring vocal parts in or near the original keys. These songs typically have an upper vocal range of roughly an Eb (many male vocalists, including Alan, fit this range). The following arrangements comprise this collection:

  • Ace in the Hole;
  • Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll;
  • Alcoholic Blues;
  • Floatin' Down to Cotton Town;
  • Old Green River;
  • Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay;
  • There'll be Some Changes Made;
  • Tishomingo Blues;
  • Too Much Mustard &
  • Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go?

The Black Swan MasterWorks Arrangement Collection

The Black Swan MasterWorks collection includes your own copy of over 300 available arrangements.

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