Ragtime Show

RAGTIME, CAKEWALKS, MARCH TWO-STEPS and similar favorites from the late 1800s through 1915 are the featured selections in Black Swan Classic Jazz Band's RAGTIME SHOW.

John Bennett has long been recognized as one of the premiere Pacific Northwest rag time pianists and often performs for YOUNG AUDIENCE concerts and other occasions. His talents take center stage throughout the show as a soloist and as the rhythmic and harmonic foundation for the full ensemble.

With over three hours of arrangements by John, Kit Johnson (tuba) and Steve Matthes (clarinet), the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band has ample music for feature sets at a dixieland festival or a full night's concert. You will enjoy music by SCOTT JOPLIN, TED SNYDER, JOSEPH LAMB, ROBERT HAMPTON, JELLY ROLL MORTON, GEORGE GERSHWIN, WILLIAM KRELL, TURK MURPHY, WILLIAM BOLCOM, CHARLES JOHNSON, WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER O'HARE and others.

Ragtime favorites such as Maple Leaf Rag, Ragtime Dance , Frog-i-more Rag and Eccentric Rag are intermixed with rare gems like Levee Revels, St. Louis Tickle, Ragtime Nightmare, Chevy Chase, Junk Man Rag, Old Virginny Barbeque and more. You will hear the first published ragtime tune (Mississippi Rag ) as well as rags written in the 1970s (Old Adam). Many of these time proven classics were recorded in 2003 on Black Swan's CD, Ragtime Revelry.

Plenty of informational tidbits are provided along the way to satisfy historians and casual listeners alike. This is a WONDERFUL way to round out the program for your next event!