Kit Johnson Photos

Here are several photos of our erstwhile tubist, Kit Johnson...  

Halloween at the BridgePort with Buescher CC Sousaphone (October 2002)
Performing with Buck Creek on Marzan CC (April 2002)
Feeling right at home on Bourbon Street (January 2000) I miss this old Conn 34J. What a great horn! (Circa 1992)
Wish I had this helicon again too! (circa February 1994)
Warming up for a Stumptown gig. How about that 5-valve Hirsbrunner Eb? Magnifico!
Jamming with Barrett in Sacramento (circa May 1992) Not really Kit & Barrett
Kit on bass with the 76th US Army Band Combo performing in Heidelberg, Germany
Custom BBb 5-valve Alexander Kaiser Tuba. Gone, but not forgotten. I recall it used a milk pail for a mouthpiece.
Specialist Johnson with Yamaha Eb in Germany in 1983