Scott Anthony - Banjo

Scott regularly appears with Black Swan at traditional jazz festivals outside of the Portland area.

Born in Summit, New Jersey, leader, banjo/guitar player, and vocalist Scott Anthony began playing the banjo when he was 11. The summer before he had heard another boy play at summer camp in New Hampshire, and was immediately hooked. Scott was selected to appear on Ted Mack's Amateur Hour in 1962, and played all through high school even though guitar was considered more of an "in" instrument at the time.
During his 4 years as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, Scott played in and then led the "Dartmouth 5", a band originally formed for the Nelson Rockefeller run for the Presidency in 1963. This was Scott's first semi-professional experience as a musician, playing with the band at ski resorts in Vermont and other on- and off-campus jobs.

While attending graduate school studying Ecology and Evolution, Scott worked part-time on weekends playing with a wonderful piano player named Walt Pedersen and the legendary Joe Tarto on Tuba at various locations in New Jersey. He was spending more time painting and playing banjo than studying, and terminated his graduate school experience after 2 years.

Scott moved to San Francisco in 1974 with no money, no job, and a 140 lb. Newfoundland Dog, and worked for almost 2 years playing a solo banjo, pedal-bass, drum machine and vocal stint 5 nights a week at a fairly up-scale restaurant chain. After this he accidentally heard of an opening for the intermission spot at Turk Murphy's club, Earthquake McGoon's and held that job for 8 years until McGoon's on Pier 39 in San Francisco closed.

Since 1984 he has led and had a wonderful time playing in the Golden Gate Rhythm Machine, as well as Bob Schulz's Frisco Jazz Band, Black Swan and others. He now makes a living as a musician, a part-time computer programmer and consultant, and builds custom guitars. When there is free time he devotes it to his original avocation as an artist, painting watercolors and acrylics.

Scott's discography is voluminous. Here are just a few available offerings:

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